As we draw 2021 to a close, it has felt a little doom and gloom for hospitality.  But there is hope based on consumer behaviour indicators – UK consumer confidence is almost twice as high as it was in January this year, and concerns over going out and making plans are ebbing slightly in England (Trading Economics, Dec 2021).

How you react to and nurture that confidence will impact your growth in 2022.  

2021, saw an unprecedented uplift in consumer driven usage for ROUND.  While our venue base grew by 60%, consumer usage increased by a whopping +185%. Customer feedback indicates that while ‘trading safely’ was a key reason for using an app to order in venue, the freedom of using ROUND to order when they wanted without having to leave their social circle, and being able to see the whole menu to ‘try new things’ actually means more to customers.


Reflecting on 2021

Q1 Customer experience first – driving sales, a close second!

We released more features this year than ever before; based on the needs and wants of both our venues and our customers.  

  • Tipping  You can tip staff every time at the ROUND checkout.  Adding around 10% to your takings, and ensuring staff are rewarded for speedy & friendly service!
  • Upsells   Adding upsells to the checkout has increased sales by ave. 104%!!  Staff don’t always want to ask customers if they want additions to their order, but ROUND can.  Offer customers something that might not even know they want, and increase your sales.
  • Managing big orders – when the customers want to order and pay separately.  A table of 8 all ordering and paying separately? It’s a doddle with ROUND!  Any orders from one table placed within 5 minutes of each other are auto-grouped together as they come through to your staff, so they’re only making one trip for multiple drinks.  As for the bill, there’s no faffing required as it’s already taken care of, in the same instant the order is confirmed, and arrives with you.


Q2 The Euros – a win for hospitality

ROUND had its biggest day of orders EVER on the final of the ‘Euro 2020’ tournament, driven by consumers being able to order all the way through the match – not holding off for half time!  Service during sport is a key benefit of ROUND, and we thank you for your support, and look forward to growing our marketing support in 2022 to help you own that market further.

Q3 1 million users!

We hit a huge milestone for our growth recently – one MILLION downloads!! This makes ROUND the 160th largest country in the world… pretty pleased with that!

We regularly reach out to our users, to build the ROUND community and give them exclusive brand rewards in return for their support when out and about in YOUR venues.  

We’re trialling including some of our key venues in those marketing messages, giving a push to users in your local area to visit YOUR pub instead of anywhere else.  We’ve seen this activity drive +29% NEW custom into trial venues!  And so we’re rolling this out to more locations in 2022.  

Interested in being one of those venues?  Register interest HERE.  


Q4 Giving back to the community

We gave back to the community in our local Brighton this Christmas, using our ROUND community to feed the homeless. Find out more by clicking the link below!

If we can help you achieve your community goals, or you’d like to use ROUND in the same way as we did here for your local area, GET IN TOUCH – We can help.

Now it’s time to look forward to 2022 – our mission is to connect people, places and products in a way hospitality hasn’t experienced before. 



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