How to win Halloween

How to win Halloween. Halloween may have you turning the lights off, hiding behind the sofa and pretending to trick or treaters there’s no one at home; but in your venues, it’s definitely a reason to celebrate and drive a high volume of trade! This year, as we’re not facing the same restrictions as 2020, the UK’s Halloween consumer spending forecast is set to exceed the […]

Girls Night In – How your venue can help keep everyone safe

Safety on a night out has always been a topic of conversation for licensed properties.  But it has hit the headlines over the last week for all the wrong reasons.  Multiple cases of drink spikings have been reported, provoking a reaction amongst young men and women in almost every major city. We want everyone to […]

How to reduce costs for your hospitality business

A restaurant should pamper its customers with a culinary experience. Unfortunately, that is often not enough. Restaurants have to be profitable in order to exist. Accordingly, the finances in the catering industry are always a hot topic. To do this, there must be a healthy relationship between costs and income. Even if the costs are […]