We know it’s more important than ever for venues to be profitable when they reopen their doors from the 12th April. We have put together 5 simple ways to help boost your venue’s revenue, simply by increasing customer spend.

In addition to growing your revenue, these features can also improve your customers experience because who doesn’t love a discount? A recent study by CGA showed that 47% of people are more likely to install an app if it gives them perks such as discounts and rewards.

5 ways to boost your reopening revenue

1. Offer a discount with promo codes

Promotions such as happy hours and lunchtime discounts can encourage customers to purchase more items and visit your venue during quieter periods. With ROUND, you can set a % or £ discount on selected products and within certain times.

2. Upselling

ROUND allows you to upsell with ease! Our latest feature lets you select 3 products which will always appear on the user’s checkout page. Add 3 complimentary products such as chips, nuts and a side salad to increase your average order value.

3. Tipping

Make sure you enable ‘tipping’ for your venue so your customers can add a tip to their orders! You can do this by going to ‘Venue General Settings’ and enabling the ‘Add tipping to orders’ slider.

4. Rearrange your menu

Want to sell more premium products? Simply re-order your menu so the premium products appear at the top. You could do this for your spirits and wine lists. ROUND venues report increased sales of premium products as the customer can see the full list of what’s available, allowing them to try new things. You can do this within ‘Subcategories’ – tap the pencil icon and drag to reorder the products.

5. Featured promotions

This feature is a great way to sell specific products which are high in stock or nearing their best-before date. For example, you could change your ‘Beer’ subcategory type to ‘Promo’ so these products are featured at the start of your menu. Less wasted stock as a result of the increased sales!

If you are a ROUND venue, all features above can be enabled and updated within your ‘Venue Settings‘ and ‘Edit Subcategories’.

If you want to find out more about becoming a ROUND venue, visit the website here. Sign up today to receive the introductory offer of half price fees for up to 3 months, ends 11 July.

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