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Best Cafes to visit : Brighton Laines edition

best cafes in the brighton laines
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Best Cafes to visit : Brighton Laines edition

Now that pubs and cafes are opening up in Brighton, more of us want to get out of our repetitive routine and go out more with friends or alone. These are my favourite cafes to go to in the Brighton Laines. Here are a few suggestions of where I recommend to go for a nice non alcoholic drink and a bite. 

  1. Pelicano

The perfect place for a coffee and catch up with a friend. It is the perfect place to grab coffee and a bite in Brighton. You can sit outside the cafe located in the Laines and enjoy a catch up with the perfect cup of coffee, or tea. 

  1. Cafe Coho

Cafe Coho is a lovely cafe to go to especially for their cold drinks which vary from coffee and tea, to fruity drinks. It is in a perfect location: Brighton Laines. It is perfect to go alone for or with a friend. You can also get takeaway and get along with your day. 

  1. Caffe Nero

This is one most of you may know, but for familiarity it is perfect! Also being located in the Laines, you are sure to enjoy your surroundings. It is a more busy cafe so if you’re looking for a social environment then definitely hit up Caffe Nero! 

  1. Trading Post Coffee Roasters 

This is a classic Brighton cafe, located in the center of the Laines. It has a lovely small outdoor sitting area. If you are looking for the Brighton city vibe then I definitely suggest this one! Drinks and food are both great in this cafe, and is one of my favourite places to stop by after walking around the city for a bit. 

We hope you liked these suggestions, let us know in the comments which Brighton Laines cafe is your favourite!

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