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Best Card Games to Play


Best Card Games to Play

1. Sh**head

Firstly, you must deal with 3 cards face down to each player which they are not allowed to look at. Once that is down you deal 6 cards to each person. Once dealt, each person must look at their 6 cards and decide on their 3 best cards that they will face up on top of the 3 cards given that were face down. Once everyone has done this you can start playing! The player who puts a 4 down starts. Once the 4 is down the next player must play 4’s or anything higher. Each player must always have 3 cards in their hand unless they’ve picked up from the middle pile that everyone is contributing too. You only pick up the cards in the middle pile if you can’t play any of your three cards. Once the pick-up pile is finished you can start playing with the cards you placed face up at the beginning of the game. Once those cards are finished it’s all up to chance! You have to turn your cards that are face down over when it is your turn; however, you have no way of knowing what your card is, so you can either get lucky and get a good card or you get a bad card (ex: pick up pile has a king and you turn over a seven). The game goes on until you have a clear loser who then becomes the sh**head. Here are the power cards of the game:

  1. 7 = the next person has to play a 7 or below. (You can also play 2s and 3s on a 7) (no 10s)
  2. Joker = whatever you want it to be
  3. 10 = burns the middle pile
  4. 3 = mirrors whatever card is below
  5. 2 = resets the game to 0
  6. 8 = skips a person (two 8s skip two people)
  7. 9 = reverses the order 

2. President

I recommend playing this game with a few drinks. For this game, you deal out all 52 cards until you have none left. You can start with whoever has the 4. If the first person plays one 4 that means its a singles round. The person after than cannot play two fives since that would be doubled; however, if they choose to then can play one five although I do not recommend breaking doubles or low cards. You keep going until no one can no longer play. The last person to have played gets to start again. This time they can start with singles, doubles, or even triples. If they do play doubles everyone has to play the same numbers or above and they have to be in doubles. If you cannot play you say “pass”, or you can play a 2 which burns the deck. However, you have to play two 2s for doubles, and three 2s for triples. You play until someone loses the round. The loser then becomes the dealer. If you lose the game, then you have to try asking questions to those playing with you. If someone answers your questions, then you switch places and you are no longer the loser (example: loser asks you: Can you get me water? If you respond yes then you are now the loser, and they take the place that you had). The president is in the first place and gets the best two cards of the loser (i.e. a 2 and an ace); the president in return gives the loser their worst two cards (i.e. a 3 and a 4). The vice president (2nd place) gets the best card from 4th place, and in return 4th place gets the vice president’s worst card.

3. Double Solitaire

Essentially the rules in this game are the exact same as normal solitaire; however, you play with another person. In this game, you play against the other person. For this game lay four cards in the middle of the two of you, make sure the cards are face up. Then deal the rest of the cards face down between the two of you. Flip a coin to see who starts. The person who starts flips the first card of their pile over and if they can’t add that card to any of the four in the middle, they must put their card face up next to their turnover pile. The next person now must do the same thing. The other person can also give cards to the other person to increase the number of cards they have which makes it harder for them to win. For example, if the other person’s card that they couldn’t play was 7 of hearts, and you turn over another 7, instead of putting it next to your pile, you can put it on theirs. If you turn over a card that is the same suit and one number up or down of the other person’s card, you can put it on their pile (Ex: 8 or 6 of hearts). If there is nothing else, you can do then you put the card face up next to your pile. You keep playing until one of you finishes your pile.

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