As we continue unlocking here in the UK from the Covid-19 pandemic, customer behaviour and preferences have changed for the long haul. Rules such as social distancing have created new problems for hospitality which have led to innovative solutions that make sense to continue with the pandemic in our rear-view mirror.

Order & Pay apps and QR codes were the go-to implementations for pubs and bars to allow customers to order safely from their table without the need to hail waiters and waitresses. And so, the added convenience these apps such as ROUND provide meant both customers and venues saw the long-term benefit and the wider potential of Order & Pay apps. These apps can often be table service-led or in some cases focus on adding a click and collect option for venues, but the simple function of an order and pay app is that it allows customers to order food and drink through an app or QR code accessed through their mobile phone with payment also taking place all within the same platform.

This has meant table service apps have helped improve revenues for venues as it allows them to take more orders at one single time, reduce costs due to the reduced reliance on service staff, and improve convenience for their customers with a simple mobile ordering app that means food and drink ordering at their favourite pub or bar is just a few taps away.

So what makes ROUND the best order & pay app solution for your pub, bar or restaurant?

  1. One app for all of your customers

The overarching complaint that customers make when it comes to order & pay apps is how many different ones they have to download on their phone due to a number of other different solutions used nationwide by pubs and bars such as ServedUp, OrderPay, Butlr, Onvi & QTap. ROUND is the UK’s biggest table service and order and pay app with over 500,000 users across the country who are able to use ROUND in over 1,000+ pubs and bars in England, Wales & Scotland. Not only does using ROUND reduce this pain point for customers, but it also allows you to be discovered by our 500,000 active users who visit the platform to search for their closest pub or bar in their location. This also means friends can order for customers in your venue without even being there as long as they have the table number to hand. That means that by using ROUND, you can receive orders and grow revenue from customers who aren’t even sitting in your venue! ROUND doesn’t just function as a table service app but also allows a click+collect option, allowing customers to order ahead and reduce queues at peak times.

  1. Make your venue stand out in-app

We understand how important it is to make your venue stand out when potential customers are searching for where to visit. Unlike other order & pay apps, ROUND allows you to customise your in-app page with venue imagery and colour schemes to match your branding and logos. In addition to this, our team can implement your menu to display exactly as you wish… making the ROUND app experience as close to a physical menu as possible. Our implementation team also can help you take care of menu or price changes in a matter of minutes once you are onboard with ROUND, or even train your in-house team to amend quickly and efficiently themselves with just a few taps on your tablet that we provide free of charge as part of the set-up. With our personalised “grey labelling” service, we can help strengthen your brand through a tailored in-app experience, increasing brand awareness and driving sales through flash offers and promotions.

  1. Track and understand customer behaviour

Upon choosing ROUND as your pub or bars order & pay app, we will provide you with free hardware including a state of the art tablet that allows you to monitor live orders and serve accordingly. In addition to this, the ROUND tablet will also provide you with live insight and reporting that shows you more information than ever before on your customers, their favourite products, and what products are often bought with others to allow you to make stock decisions easier.

  1. Upsell and promote to your customers through ROUND order & pay

ROUND allows you to push certain products to upsell at checkout, with recommendations to customers being made before they pay and being added to their basket with just one tap of a button in-app. In addition to upselling features, ROUND also allows pubs and bars to run featured promotions on certain products they want to sell more of as well as offering customers discounts with promo codes they can issue to loyal punters. It’s a great way to build customer loyalty while also growing revenue streams through the use of smart order & pay app functions that make it easier than ever before for customers to spend.

If you are looking for an order and pay app or table service solution for your pub, bar or restaurant then ROUND is an all-in-one application with over 500,000 users who want more choice and convenience than ever! Contact our team and have your pub or bar set up and live within 72 hours, with no setup fees and free hardware worth £500 supplied by our team. Enjoy 50% off transaction fees when you sign up and trade before July 11th 2021.

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