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Best things to do with Friends at the PUB Brighton Edition

best things to do at the pub brighton edition

Best things to do with Friends at the PUB Brighton Edition

Now that we are allowed to go to the pub , I’m assuming we’ve all been doing it so often, its become part of our normal routine. However, having had so much free time for five months straight, sometimes even going to the pub to drink and talk feels a bit boring sometimes. It is lovely to have a change of scenery, but it can feel like too much repetition. To help break that feeling, here are few things you can do at the pub to bring a little more fun into your social nights. 

  1. Have a pub quiz… AT THE PUB

YES! The pub quiz zoom call days are over! You can finally go to a pub and have an actual PUB quiz. Although some pubs may not be doing quizzes due to fear of overcrowding, no one said that you can’t make your own quiz to do with friends at a pub. This way you are all having fun doing quizzes in a setting that isn’t home or at a park. 

  1. Go to Pubs that have games you can play 

Pubs such as Martha Gunn and King & Queen already have pool tables, and foosball tables. North Laine brewhouse even has a ping pong table! Pubs are not only fun for a drink out, but also to have a game night with your friends that you couldn’t do at home! This not only changes up your night routine of staying home, it also changes up the types of games you play when bored. This newness can help with getting us out of this empty feeling of repetition 

  1. Bring your own cards! 

Who said you can’t bring your own games to a pub? NOBODY. If you get bored easily of chatting or want to have a silly fun night while getting drunk around others, then try to bring your own cards/games to the pub. This way you are doing something you know you already love in a new yet familiar environment! 


Brighton is so small, yet so big. There are so many pubs out there that i’m sure a lot of you haven’t gone to! Now is the time to explore, bar hop, and find different places to go to. There are so many amazing pubs in Brighton that we haven’t been to, well now is the time to go! If life feels repetitive, then keep going to the pub (because we all love a good drink with friends) but each time go to a different one! This helps keep the feeling of normality, while at the same time trying a new environment. Some examples of pubs are: Gladstone, Marthagunn, Druids, North Laine Brewhouse, Bulldog, The Bear, The Park Crescent, The Roundhill, Hobgoblin, King & Queen, The Joker, Black Lion, Tempest Inn, and many more!). 

There are so many Brighton Pubs out there, each with their own unique vibe and atmosphere. Just because they’re all pubs, doesn’t mean they’re all the same! Explore different ones that have different games and activities. Doing this will help with the feelings of boredom and repetition. I hope this article was helpful!

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