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3 ways to improve data collection in your hospitality business

Customer data collection is an essential component of any hospitality business. How you collect data can have a significant impact on your bottom line, but it also impacts how customers perceive you and your establishment. Lucky for you, there are many ways to capture customer data in today’s digital age! Find out which methods work […]

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It’s Black Friday season!

It’s Black Friday season! Friday 26th November 2021 – One of the most anticipated retail sales days (or even weekends!) of the year.  But it’s not just retail that can benefit…  you can too. Last year, shops were in lockdown, and so internet shopping took over.  This year, the high street is back with a vengeance with many offers and exclusives only available in-store. Even […]

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How to win Halloween

How to win Halloween. Halloween may have you turning the lights off, hiding behind the sofa and pretending to trick or treaters there’s no one at home; but in your venues, it’s definitely a reason to celebrate and drive a high volume of trade! This year, as we’re not facing the same restrictions as 2020, the UK’s Halloween consumer spending forecast is set to exceed the […]

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Girls Night In – How your venue can help keep everyone safe

Safety on a night out has always been a topic of conversation for licensed properties.  But it has hit the headlines over the last week for all the wrong reasons.  Multiple cases of drink spikings have been reported, provoking a reaction amongst young men and women in almost every major city. We want everyone to […]

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How to reduce costs for your hospitality business

A restaurant should pamper its customers with a culinary experience. Unfortunately, that is often not enough. Restaurants have to be profitable in order to exist. Accordingly, the finances in the catering industry are always a hot topic. To do this, there must be a healthy relationship between costs and income. Even if the costs are […]

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What are the most popular cocktails in the UK?

Undoubtedly, the United Kingdom draws attention to its great cultural diversity and the cosmopolitan life it offers. The nightlife is legendary, especially in university cities such as Manchester, London, and Brighton, where there are hundreds of bars and restaurants that offer typical dishes with avant-garde drinks while full of live music. There will never be […]

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Top tips for displaying your ROUND Freshers pack

Where you decide to display your ROUND point of sale (POS) has a large impact on how effective it is in alerting your customers to how they order in your venue. Here, we will be rounding up the best ways to increase the visibility of your point of sale allowing you to increase your ATV. […]

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Best student nights out in Manchester

Manchester is one of Northern England’s liveliest and most vibrant student cities, built up of award-winning music venues, bars catering to students’ tastes, and nightclubs. Home to five universities in the city center with over 100K+ students attending annually it’s also second only behind Leeds for being a popular destination among British college seekers looking […]

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How to entice new customers into your venue

Encouraging first-time customers to try out your venue can be tough. With such a large range of different pubs and restaurants, enhancing your brand and expanding your offering can help you stand out from the crowd. Lots of our venues across the country have been adapting over the last 18 months with exciting plans on […]