Despite the current COVID-19 guidance updates seemingly excluding most hospitality venues, consumer behaviour is telling a different story.

Pubs, restaurants and bars across the country have seen a concerning spike in cancellations of upcoming bookings, which will have a devastating financial impact on both big and small businesses.

After an incredibly difficult ‘golden quarter’ in 2020, this is a crushing blow for business owners.

But not all is lost…

We know from research carried out last year that the two biggest consumer concerns were:

  1. Feeling safe in pubs and restaurants

  2. Not knowing what to expect; whether that be with regards to wearing masks and staying seated, or if they’d be able to socially distance if they were required to order at the bar.

We know from experience and first hand feedback that having an order and pay app made customers ‘feel safer and more in control’ in hospitality venues.

46% of UK consumers want to ‘plan their visits to hospitality venues in more detail’  CGA, March 2021.

ROUND can help you overcome both of these consumer concerns, whilst adding MORE benefits for customers, including beating the queue, spending more time with their friends, and being able to watch the game with no bar-trip interruptions!

Here are the top THREE things you can do now, to keep your customers coming to you, instead of staying in, or going elsewhere…

1. Stand out from the crowd

18%* of customers visit a venue because they received an email or text about it.  Make sure you’re continually talking to your customers about what’s on in your venue, and let them know that they can order from their phone using ROUND, or at the bar if you’re still accepting orders face to face.

One million consumers have downloaded ROUND across the UK – and we regularly communicate with them.  These people are in your local area, and some will already be your customers; so help us help you get MORE visits, in a safe environment, whilst increasing spend by 17%** using the app.

2. Tell your customers what to expect

You can do this when you email them, but sometimes too much information can be overwhelming!  Keep your communications light and upbeat, giving customers a reason to get excited, and feel confident coming to your venue.  But use the ROUND ‘About Us’ page to tell customers what they can expect. This is the page that customers see first, while they’re in venue, and while they’re planning where to go next on the app.  Make sure your number is on there too so they can call you with one click!

Although facemasks and staying seated are not currently enforced restrictions, many venues have already adopted a safer approach – which is why it’s best to be clear with your customers before they get to the venue, and then again at the front door.

🗣 Prefer all customers to wear a facemask? Tell them.

🗣 Want all customers to make themselves comfortable at a table and order from their phone?  Let them know!

You get the gist…


3. Tis the season… so give them a reason!

25%* of customers are more likely to go out if it’s a planned event.  So you should consider holding a themed night, or even just make a bigger deal out of what you may class as ‘ordinary’ – like a pub quiz!  Giving it a simple cult theme like Christmas, Harry Potter or even Squid Games will have customers talking to each other about YOU.

But make sure you tell your customers about it and advertise it on social media and your ‘About Us’ ROUND page.

Serve food?  Add a special event or themed menu.  Because it could increase your attendance by 34%*!!

Whatever you do to beat the potential loss of trade over Christmas, it’s critical you are building confidence with your customers so they know they can still enjoy a day or night at your venue, safe in the knowledge that you and your staff are doing everything possible to keep each other safe.



Team ROUND 🍊


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* KAM Media, October 2021

**CGA Consumer Sentiment, March 2021

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