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Corona beer sales: Colossal comeback since lockdown

corona beer sales

Corona beer sales: Colossal comeback since lockdown

Corona beer is still triumphantly renowned as the world’s most valuable beer brand despite the unfortunate name clash with corona virus, according to Brand Finance.

The latest report was released regarding brand valuation in August 2020 affirming Corona’s top spot on the list despite recent decline in value from £6.4 bn to £6.3bn and a confirmed loss of £220m in revenue, following results launched in February. 

Protecting a plagued name

From day one of the pandemic, fears were growing amongst Corona marketers as they held their breath and scanned the stats. With every effort to counteract public rumours and worries, figures were in their favour which was enough to allow the brand to continue to thrive, taking it in their stride.

There’s understandable reasoning behind the initial concern though. According to The New York Times, amid the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, diet candy Ayds sales drastically dropped by about 50% which then prompted the brand to go out of business. 

This namesake coincidence clearly isn’t the first in history and following Ayds collapse, Corona ensured they wouldn’t follow the same footsteps. So, how have Corona managed to make a dignified comeback?

Top of the list 

Statistics show that the Mexican beverage Corona is number one for worldwide valuation out of 25 beer brands, according to Brand Finance. This means their popularity exceeds infamous competitors like Heineken, Budweiser and Carlsberg.

Latest Nielsen stats reflect the increase in sales for Constellation Brands by 39%, led by the Corona clan, up an astounding 50%. Despite the top place, the best beer brands could face a 20% brand value loss following the harsh impact of the pandemic. 

Now that restrictions have eased following lockdown, behavioural consumer patterns have been notably shifting. There has been an obvious deviation from previous consumer habits since the start of the pandemic with people leaning towards more conventional brands.

This seems to reflect that during times of uncertainty, consumers typically resort to familiarity for enhanced trust with brand choice; therefore the nature of brand building is so crucial. Having an awareness of these trends helps to boost revenue and success of a brand like Corona as consumers seek comfort and reassurance in times of hardship. 

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