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Costa Coffee: My Guilty pleasure

Costa: My Guilty Pleasure

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Costa: My Guilty Pleasure

Everyone has a certain café that they will resort to for a treat, a catch up or just an everyday coffee. Mine is Costa. Don’t get me wrong, I would happily sip away at an ice latte in a local Starbucks or nibble some banana cake from Pret but over the years, admittedly, Costa just seems to hit the spot which is why it’s my go-to.

I haven’t entitled this article ‘my guilty pleasures’ for no reason; everything I choose seems to be very sweet and particularly calorific but as long as the ‘treat yourself’ attitude doesn’t become an everyday saying then I’m sure I’ll live. Everything in moderation hey?

Refreshing summer selections

In the Summer months, I always feel Costa has a wide range of drinks and bites perfect for cooling down on a hot day (if we’re lucky enough to get a hot day in Britain that is). The selection is endless which makes it hard for an indecisive person like me to choose what to get and it always happens when there’s a long queue of flustered people behind me, so I then resort to my safe same-olds…

My usual order consists of a medium strawberry creamy cooler. Just to be annoying, I often ask for it to be double blended so it’s smoother and there’s not chunks of ice sliding down your throat. As a sweet snack on the side, I usually choose a blueberry muffin or a slice of banana bread. The carrot cake is also divine but sometimes it’s just too rich alongside the thick creamy cooler. 

Winter Warmers

If there’s any time you will catch me nipping into Costa, it will more often than not be in the cold Winter months. You can’t beat a cosy hot drink sat inside whilst you look out at the bleak scenery and falling leaves; there’s something reassuringly atmospheric about it.

Once I embrace the contrasting warmth from the sharp outside air, I ask for a hot chocolate but not just any hot chocolate, a gingerbread hot chocolate. The shot of gingerbread syrup seems to transform the basic drink into a Christmassy concoction which gets me feeling festive. It is definitely an acquired taste but with my sweet tooth, it’s right up my street.

If I’m feeling peckish, the warm food they have on offer never fails to satisfy my tastebuds. Along with my warm drink, my go-to is a fajita chicken wrap which I cannot recommend enough. It is a light but tasty lunch meal that you can enjoy in or on the go. If I’m feeling like I want to balance out the kick from the gingerbread in the hot chocolate, I often buy the toasted pesto mozzarella and tomato panini which equally goes down well if I’m not in the mood for a bit of spice.

If I really do decide to rock the boat out, I’ll also add a chocolate brownie to my order which is unbeatable. If you are a chocoholic like myself, I would suggest indulging when you next pass by a Costa.

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