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Doggos of the Internet: Lockdown Good Boys

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Doggos of the Internet: Lockdown Good Boys

This week, we wanted to give you something a little different. Rather than coping mechanisms for lockdown (from drinking to stellar tv shows), we’ve ROUND-ed up our favourite internet good boys. I must confess, I love nothing more than watching videos of random dogs on the internet. I call it a hobby, but I guess you could technically call it a coping mechanism too…either way, enjoy. 

  1. The Bruges Golden Lab

I really have decided to kick start this blog with a true Twitter icon, the Bruges Golden Lab. Whilst he’s been around for a while, he deserves a place in this list, as he still brings joy in lockdown. This ultimate good boy is known for napping on a windowsill, perched on a cushion, overlooking the canals in Belgium. He evokes true tranquillity if I ever did see it. It is much to my sadness that this icon sadly passed in 2012, but he lives on forever as a Twitter sensation. 

  1. Prancing Prince

For my next contestant, I present to you prancing Prince. I stumbled upon this absolute gem on TikTok (sorry not sorry) and I’ve been thinking about him ever since. He gets so excited to see you, he dances with his toy. It’s better than most moves I’ve witnessed in Oceana, if I’m honest. Rumour has it that Prince even helped his human secure the bag with his new girlfriend. You are the dancing queen, Prince (cue Abba). 

(Images below- formatting was weird)

  1. Koda the Golden Retriever 

Again, I found Koda on TikTok and I instantly fell in love. Koda gets so excited that, like Prince, he goes to extreme lengths to satisfy his cravings. In particular, he gets so excited by the world outside his window he not only sits and watches, he fully flattens his nose against the glass. The video gets even better when you listen and hear his desperate breaths for air, refusing to withdraw from the window.

  1. Meeko the Not-So-Guard Dog

I thought about making a really bad pun for this good boy but I thought he deserved better. Meeko gained Twitter fame for his passive-aggressive smile and tongue pout, right next to a ‘beware of the dog sign’. Maybe it’s reverse psychology? He’s definitely fishing for a noggin pat. You could say Meeko is a ‘meek’ old guard dog? I’m sorry…

  1. Hydrotherapy Dave

I couldn’t help but wonder what lucky soul gets to take Dave for his hydrotherapy every week. Imagine being paid to aid a dog to float around a pool, with such an adorable wrinkly old face and such happiness. HE’S LITERALLY FLOATING, BODY AND SOUL. 

  1. Bella the Barrel

Lastly, I give you my very own good boy (sorry, girl). I think she deserves a little attention after the devastation she recently caused, albeit highly hilarious devastation. On the 4th of April at 8pm, my family and I decided to go outside and clap for the NHS, rushing as we had almost forgotten. When we returned, we found Bella face first in our Victoria Sponge, baked for my step dad’s birthday. We hadn’t even had time to cut a single slice and there were ravaged teeth marks all over in her attempt to consume as much as possible as quickly as possible. Thanks, Bella, you absolute barrel. 

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