The restaurant industry is showing no signs of slowing down, with new restaurants and cafes opening all the time. Unfortunately for company owners, this means that they will have to compete even harder to stand out. Because of the influx of new businesses, venues are under constant pressure to attract more consumers and improve client loyalty.

So, how does your restaurant stand out from the crowd? 

Consider utilising an app like ROUND to order drinks. With technology continually enhancing our daily lives, it’s no surprise that a drink ordering app will aid both companies and customers.

1. More browsing time means more sales. 

Customers may explore the menu at their ease using the ROUND app, with no pressure to place an order. We’ve all felt the urge to place an order fast, especially when there’s a long queue of people waiting behind you. Giving your consumers the luxury of leisure, on the other hand, typically leads to them buying more products.

According to research, clients who use drinks ordering app may purchase up to 30% more than those who utilise traditional ordering methods like those presented over the counter. This leads to your final objective: more orders means more sales and income for your company.

2. Complete control over your menu, pricing, offers, and orders

Unlike the other online drinks ordering app services, we think that the more control you have over your business, the better, which is why we’ve designed a user-friendly interface for you to handle it yourself.

  • On setup and upon request, complete training will be supplied. 
  • With a single click, you can add, update, or delete any item on your menu. 
  • You can keep track of shipping costs and hours of operation yourself. 
  • If you need anything, the team is here to help.

3. Customer-friendly

Right now, the last thing you want to do is alienate your customers. ROUND, an order and pay app, is incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to appeal to what your consumers really desire. 

These smartphone apps allow your consumers to buy and pay for your services with little interaction, which is critical in a society when social isolation has become the gold standard. Customers will enjoy the additional care and attention devoted to their user experience when using an app, as well as the flexibility they have while utilising it.

4. Simplified Services.

Customers can not see the side of your business – whether it’s in the kitchen or behind the bar – but it’s still an important element of improving your brand image. If there’s a hitch during food or drink preparation, it’ll show in the client experience. You may use the ROUND App to accept payments (or cash payments) and handle orders for pickup, in-house dining, or takeout. 

5. Customers Who Are Tech-Savvy 

The majority of today’s population has grown up with technology and is fearless of applications and smartphones. Customers are more tech-savvy than we sometimes give them credit for, and they are increasingly leveraging their smart devices to enhance their daily lives, improve experiences, and boost convenience.

Moreover, They will have a user-friendly, fast, convenient, and easy method to order food and drinks using their smart devices when ordering with ROUND.

6. Greater Engagement

You must stand out from the crowd in a competitive atmosphere. More sales and more brand awareness resulting from increased interaction, ensuring a steady supply of customers.  You may use the data collected throughout the ordering app and payment process to attract and retain consumers in a variety of ways, the most popular of which is to keep in touch with them by SMS or e-mail and alert them of new discounts and specials.

So, what are your feelings on the matter? 

There is a lot of advice out there that recommends creating an ordering app for restaurants and food establishments—like cray! However, at least 9 out of 10 of these restaurants do not offer a smartphone app. This is the location where a six may be scored!

If you’re on your own and don’t want to lose your table, or if you don’t want to lug a huge tray of drinks back through a crowded bar, the app is ideal. ROUND offers a lot to offer your venue, and it will help you stay competitive and in your customers’ thoughts while improving sales and income.


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