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Eat out to help out how does it work?

Eat Out to Help Out


Eat Out to Help Out

I am sure in the last few weeks, you have heard about the new government initiative ‘ eat out to help out ’. Including both chains and small businesses, the government initiative intends to encourage the public to resume eating out at restaurants by offering discounts on food. 

It would seem that after talking to a few friends, the initiative is well known but not necessarily understood. It’s kind of like some modern day folklore, ‘they say there will be discounts but of what percent, where and when, we do not know…’

  1. What?

In short, the ‘eat out to help out’ scheme offers money off at participating restaurants. The deal includes up to 50% off and capped at max £10 discount per person. You can order anything you fancy, as thankfully the deal isn’t limited to a set menu! However, I should mention the offer is not valid on alcoholic beverages.

  1. When?

The initiative is scheduled to begin on the 3rd of August and will run for the whole month. However, it will only be valid for dining on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Whilst this might be a little annoying, the offer is not restricted to one use a week and is valid for use with other discounts you might already have (think about those clubcard points, ladies and gents). 

  1. How?

You won’t need a code or physical print out to use the offer. Participating restaurants will automatically honour the discount and will advertise their participation (so you won’t have to awkwardly ask like a cheapskate). You don’t need to book in advance either, although it is likely you might have to if the offer is as popular as anticipated! 

The greatest part? ROUND is the only mobile ordering app that is able to offer the Eat out to Help out scheme so you will still be able to save money whilst ordering safely.

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