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Face Coverings: Should the Government ask us to wear them?

Face Coverings should we wear them?

Face Coverings: Should the Government ask us to wear them?

It was announced just a few days ago that it would become compulsory, in all stores in England, to wear face coverings whilst shopping as of Friday. Much like the rest of you, I was very surprised to wake up to the news and was left wondering, how in reality will this new rule work?

Whilst it is obvious why the government has issued face coverings as mandatory, seeing as it reduces contact with the mouth, it doesn’t seem to make much sense when considering this move was not taken when the pandemic was higher on the Covid alert scale. Moreover, people were shopping without masks when the rate of infection was significantly higher than now. How effective can it now be to order the general public to wear masks?

In an ideal world, Boris should have made masks mandatory from the very start. However, it seems to me that the new rule for masks will increase panic, more than anything. Does it not seem like we are going backwards? How will this face mask rule work in coffee shops, restaurants and pubs? If the public do not wear masks in these venues, does it not reduce the effectiveness in shops and subsequently send mixed messages to the general public about the approach to Covid?

It makes sense to ask the public to wear face coverings when shopping, although I do believe it is a move that should have been taken long ago. Yes, Boris suggested wearing a mask but until now, there has been no rule enforcing it. The only concern I and many others probably have is that people might not adhere to the rule, given that restaurants and coffee shops are open for dine and sit in, then what do we do? 

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