Safety on a night out has always been a topic of conversation for licensed properties.  But it has hit the headlines over the last week for all the wrong reasons.  Multiple cases of drink spikings have been reported, provoking a reaction amongst young men and women in almost every major city.

We want everyone to feel safe and supported in our venues, and ROUND can help you and your customers achieve that. Check out some of our key tips that can help protect your customers and make them feel safer while on your premises.

You can take several actions with your app NOW to make this process easier and more prevalent in your venue.  Traditional methods require customers to approach the bar, or a member of staff which could be difficult in a busy environment.

ROUND enables the same communication, but digitally and direct to bar, from anywhere in your venue – the table, the garden, even the bathroom.

  1. Add Ask For Angela to your About Us page

About Us page – make sure you tell people on this page that you operate ‘Ask for Angela’ policy and will help anyone that seeks it supportively and discreetly.  It’s also a deterrent for anyone that may not be out with the right intentions to avoid your venue.

What is “Ask for Angela”?

This is a Metropolitan Police campaign to enable anyone out in licensed property to alert staff that they feel vulnerable or uncomfortable.  They do this by approaching the bar, or a member of staff and asking for ‘Angela’.

Customers know that this campaign is in operation in a venue via posters, or your social media.  And materials are free to download.

If your staff need a refresher, or you want to start training them on what to do if someone asks for Angela, you can find free resources and marketing materials here:

For more information, reach out to 2. Add ‘tap water’ as a free option to enable customers to place a free order.

Adding tap water as a free option on your menu lets customers order something off your menu and have options for a free non-alcoholic drink, while also allowing staff to serve a customer who may want to be checked on without being able to order a drink due to lack of funds. 3. Make your special requests section a point of contact!

Let customers know they can use the special requests / allergies section to raise awareness that they may need some support, or discreetly ‘Ask for Angela’ as they place their order. This could mean a customer can place an order for a free tap water while asking for angela before checkout in the requests box to help gain staff attention. 4. Add ‘Angel Shot’ for £0.00 to your Upsells

As we approach Halloween and a busy period in the hospitality industry, offering Angel shots can be a safe and discrete way for customers to get staff attention if they are feeling uncomfortable. Ordering an Angel Shot is an alternative way to Ask for Angela and discreetly raises the alarm that they may be feeling unsafe.

Extra tips!

You could even add a ‘FEEL SAFE’ menu category with options for free such as…

  • Would you like a cab?
  • I’m feeling vulnerable
  • Report suspicious behaviour

Just make sure that your staff have been told what these orders mean!

How can you help after customers leave your venue?

You can go the extra mile and offer information in your venue on tips for staying safe in general, if you think that would be good for you and your customers.

  • Walking home alone?  Share your live location with a friend/family/housemate.
  • Uber now lets you share your ETA and location too!
  • Make sure you call or text someone to let them know you’re on your way, or will confirm when you’re home.
  • Don’t take unnecessary risks – had one too many?  We can call you a cab (it’s useful as a licensed venue, to build a relationship with a local taxi firm if you have one, to support people that don’t have Uber / their own arrangements).

We all, as the hospitality industry, have a responsibility to support those that feel endangered or threatened in any way, and this is our way of helping as many people as possible overcome any potential issues.
If you’ve been in a venue that made you feel extra safe, or if you are a venue that has taken more steps to make its customers feel heard, tell us so that we can support those local heroes!

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