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The healthy eating Government initiative

Healthy eating initiative
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The healthy eating Government initiative

In the past week, Boris and the gang have unveiled their plan for a healthy eating government initiative. Taking to Twitter, Boris shared a video of himself alongside his dog to explain what lockdown had done for him, asides catching corona, obviously.

Boris explained how lockdown has given him the opportunity to change his habits and pursue a healthier life plan, encouraging his fellow citizens to do the same. By exercising more and eating more healthily, Boris hopes we will be happier but most importantly, take strain off the NHS…

Whilst this all sounds great for some, it has a significant impact on the hospitality sector. Boris proposes that restaurants, cafes and any establishment selling food should place the number of calories in their meals on their menus, hoping the public might make smart choices about what they consume.

However, should the hospitality sector agree to this and should they have to? On the one hand, the government wishes to encourage people to eat out with the new help out 50% off scheme, yet they also want to encourage us to eat more healthily and review some of our choices…. 

Sounds a little counter productive, right? Especially since most meals in most restaurants, Monday to Wednesday, will be half price, allowing us to get more food for the same price as before. 

Politics aside in this healthy eating initiative, it makes me wonder how this will affect those with eating disorders or body dysmorphia. How will seeing the calories on menus affect their ability to relax and enjoy eating out? 

To me, the pleasure of the hospitality sector is being able to relax, enjoy myself and let go of my worries. Should I have to choose my meal based on the calorie intake, as ordered by the government?

It is worrying when you consider how many people really are affected by eating disorders, from calorie counting to more extreme measures. 

Research suggests between 1.2 and 3.4 million people in the UK are affected by eating disorders of some kind. I invite you to question how this might affect your own decisions, those of your friends, and how you might feel visiting a restaurant under these circumstances.

Of course, eating healthily is something we all want to achieve and can achieve. However, it is not simply fixed by putting calorie figures next to meals on menus, it comes from making healthy eating more affordable. Moreover, will this cause damage to the hospitality sector, just as it’s picking back up again after lockdown?

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