Social media marketing strategies are always changing. The internet evolves faster than anything. With some practical hospitality marketing tips, you can quickly attract new customers to your hotel, restaurant, or cafe. Below you will find some tips to get started.

  1. Focus on local SEO: Besides social channels, the most important pillar of online marketing is being visible in search engines like Google. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be done in the form of local SEO for most types of hospitality venues. If you have a seafood restaurant in London, you naturally want to be found immediately when someone types ‘fish restaurant London’ into Google.
  2. Focus on visual social media: Food does extremely well with visual content. Social platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest attract millions of new guests because of that. But also consider posting video content on YouTube. Pinterest and Instagram mainly work with hashtags that people search for. YouTube videos are best provided with keywords in the title, which are similar to local SEO. So if you have a sushi restaurant in Manchester, place the words ‘sushi restaurant Manchester’ in the title of the video.
  3. Connect with influencers: Of course, you can also take an easy cut-off route if you want to grow faster. This is best known as ‘ growth hacking ‘. You use people with an existing network or an existing follower base. Think of bloggers tailored to your niche, but also Instagram accounts with many followers. Also, consider bringing in local celebrities to better target regional customers.
  4. Target paid social media ads: Another method can be using social media ads. It is best to start with Facebook ads because this usually provides the fastest results for the lowest investment. In addition to social media, you can also consider running Google Ads based on your location, with which you can quickly collect new bookings.
  5. Place your menu and reservation online: Guests do not welcome uncertainty. The first thing you need to put online on your website is a menu and a prominent button to book online. Always make sure that these are easy to use on a smartphone. Go with the trend and use the apps that people also like to use! For example, ROUND app gives you full post-launch support on hand to help you navigate a digital ordering option safely and securely. You can definitely impress your customers with your own branded listing and menu that allows them to browse and order from their phone in a matter of tap. 
  6. Partner with ROUND App: ROUND is the UK’s leading ordering platform designed specifically to enable ordering, payment, and loyalty functionality, all on one mobile app. It takes under 72 hours to get your venue set up on the platform. ROUND doesn’t just function as a table service app but also allows a click+collect option, allowing customers to order ahead and reduce queues at peak times.

It’s a great way to build customer loyalty while also growing revenue streams through the use of smart order & pay app functions, spend per head, customer satisfaction, and staff efficiency. Discover and become a ROUND venue today!

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