Encouraging first-time customers to try out your venue can be tough. With such a large range of different pubs and restaurants, enhancing your brand and expanding your offering can help you stand out from the crowd. Lots of our venues across the country have been adapting over the last 18 months with exciting plans on how to bring in new business and increase spend per head and dwell time. Here are some of the best ideas we have heard!


Create a co-working space: 


Working from home can be dull, with the boom in remote working as many as 37% of us regularly work from home. For years coffee shops and cafes have been hosting remote workers who want to break up their day by spending some time away from home. Many of our venues have started encouraging remote workers to spend their afternoons working from the pub. These new customers have enjoyed being able to stay in their seat and order to their table using ROUND. ROUND has seen over 900,000 people use the order and pay app to seamlessly choose what food and drink they would like from their own mobile phone, placing their order within a matter of taps. All whilst still answering their emails. 


Serve hot drinks:


While many pubs already sell coffee and tea, serving hot drinks opens your venue up to more daytime customers and will be especially appreciated by anyone remote working in your venue. Some of our venues have been partnering with local bakeries and coffee shops to lower the start-up costs and sell coffee and snacks easily – you can’t deny it’s hard to resist the upsell of a croissant or cake with your coffee, something you can easily do on ROUND. ROUND allows you to select a number of products for customers to add to their order at the checkout, helping increase spend per head and push the items you want to sell the most.


Offer breakfast and brunch:


Brunches have taken off in recent years with 64% of Brits enjoying a brunch as often as once a month. Opening earlier and offering breakfast and brunch, especially on weekends can attract a new group of customers to your venue who are likely to visit again in the future for evening events and main meals, and generate extra revenue.. Brunch is also hugely popular with under 35’s so offering it at your venue and promoting it online is bound to attract new customers.  Offering these earlier opportunities can encourage parents (after the school run!) or businesses that are reducing office time, to use your venue as a meeting place.


Cash in on Bottomless Brunch:


Bottomless Brunches are a large and growing market in the UK with more and more venues offering them every day. While lots of national chains offer Bottomless packages many customers would prefer to support local independent businesses. All you need to do is decide on what food and drink to offer and you’re ready to go! Make sure your offering is simple and clearly priced.  The average ‘bottomless’ brunch is around £25, and consists of the main course, served with as much prosecco, selected beers, or soft drinks as the table wants across a 90 minute period.  Promoting your Bottomless Brunch deals on Instagram, Facebook and adding them to your ROUND Venue Homepage can encourage new customers to visit your venue. ROUND will also help you promote your bottomless brunch to an extra 900,000 users that uses the order and pay platform to browse and order across a network of hospitality venues in the UK.


These are just a few of the great ideas we have seen from ROUND venues up and down the country. If you have created an inventive way to entice new customers into your venue and want to be featured in our blog and social media get in touch with us!


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