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How to Have a House Party in Your Unihome During Quarantine

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How to Have a House Party in Your Unihome During Quarantine

Us students are all on the same boat of how much we miss having nights out. The less time we spend going to clubs/pubs the crazier we seem to be getting. Me and my house struggled with the lack of socializing at pubs, getting drunk at clubs, and dancing till you drop! We came up with a perfect solution to this and I am here to share that with you!

It doesn’t matter how many people you are living with, make each person in charge of a specific day of the week, or month depending on how much you want to party. Each person will be in charge of making a fun night for the house. To explain this better, I will tell you what me and my house did.

            On our second week of quarantine, we felt the boredom coming in rapidly and we wanted to do something different and fun to not only fill up our time, but fill it up with something fun. We then decided that same week we would do a poker night in which we would only drink whisky, dress up fancy, and play poker all night. Of course, we got smashed way earlier and didn’t end up playing the whole night but that made it even more fun. Our fourth week was a friend’s birthday so we did an espresso martini (just a warning: if you have four espresso martinis in one night you won’t sleep till 8am, I am telling you this from experience. Don’t do it) night and had a fancy dinner. Our fifth week we did an island night where we dressed hawaiian and only drank mojitos. On the sixth week we did a barbeque day with beers. Our most recent one was last week, it was my other friend’s birthday and we decided to have two rules: firstly, you could drink whatever (as long as you got waved), and secondly, you can’t play twister until you’re drunk. 

            If none of these Idea’s float your boat and you’re looking for inspiration, here are some other nights we want to go. 

  1. Dress up as your favourite artists, karaoke their songs, and you’re only allowed to drink their favourite alcoholic beverage 
  2. Howdy there partner, every wondered what it was like to be from the south (texas, alabama, arkansas.. etc), well why not act it out and have bourbon while playing some darts and bull riding (instead of a fake bull that moves, your friend has to make you fall off) 
  3. Casino night (if you like the first idea that we did on our second week, but are not a fan of poker)
  4. Make each person’s room a different pub that consists of different themes, but the same alcohol because we’re not looking for hangovers that leave our stomach unsettled. 

This is the perfect idea to fill up your time and create good memories so that when you look back at this Pandemic, you can think of a memory that brings a smile to your face. I understand some of you are stuck at home with your families, but who says you can’t have poker or pub nights with family! Not me! I encourage it, it helps bond the family in times of arguments and frustration. The perfect way to not only lift up your mood, but of others around you. If you have any other suggestions to party ideas in quarantine please share it with us in the comments below!

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