How to win Halloween.

Halloween may have you turning the lights off, hiding behind the sofa and pretending to trick or treaters there’s no one at home; but in your venues, it’s definitely a reason to celebrate and drive a high volume of trade!

This year, as we’re not facing the same restrictions as 2020, the UK’s Halloween consumer spending forecast is set to exceed the whopping £474m we saw in 2019*.

2013 to 2019 saw a 100% spend increase and 2021 is expected to be another bumper year – why not make your venue one of the places consumers spend the predicted £474m?

If that doesn’t want to make you run out and buy a load of pumpkins and fake cobwebs, then we don’t know what will..!

Making more money from Halloween

Everywhere has a dark past… somewhere… 

There’s always a story… just ask locals about your venue, and the nearby area.  Think about holding a ‘Haunting Quiz Evening’ – encourage fancy dress and host a seriously spooky quiz night.  Keep the drinks flowing on ROUND as customers don’t need to leave their table or miss a question. Social media posts, posters in windows – there’s still time to get an event in the diary if you haven’t done already!

Don’t forget, you can also charge for tickets as additional income, and sell them via ROUND.

 Did you know…59% of 18 to 24 year olds (and 47% of over 55’s) either believe in or are unsure whether ghosts exist…  

Halloween Brunches…

Themed brunches are available in pubs, cafe’s, coffee shops and even takeaways – as they are a great way to drive additional, daytime trade using a menu you already have with just a few, small tweaks…

Spicy burgers can be ‘hellish’ with an extra-spicey sauce or spiked with a devil-inspired pitch-fork cocktail stick – or maybe try a monster burger with a couple of olives and a pickle slice (or add 8 fries and you have an Arachnid Burger…).

In addition to general brunch offerings, Bottomless Brunches drive pre-booked income from groups; it’s normal to charge £25-35 for 2 hours of unlimited (selected) drinks and 1 or 2 courses.  Why not use Halloween to promote future Bottomless Brunches if you think they could work in your venue??

Be prepared to deliver table service for these bookings, but fear not – ROUND can easily help by taking care of all your non-Bottomless Brunch customers…

A Happy Halloween

Could your venue be a place for mums and their younger children to meet during quiet periods e.g. mid-morning… Attracting particular customer-profiles in the build-up to Halloween could lead to future regulars.

Halloween marshmallows in kids’ hot chocolates, Halloween cookies and hot drink offer, pumpkins and fairy lights in the window and a children-friendly Halloween sign outside are kid magnets (especially if you give away a Halloween balloon for every spend over £5, for example).

The best thing about this? Even with only a few days to go, you can get everything you need inexpensively at a local wholesalers (you don’t need to be a talented baker and cupcake decorator, thank goodness…).

Upsell, Upsell, Upsell

Adding products as upsells on ROUND can increase sales by 104% so why not customise your Halloween upsells to offer something spooky – add a jelly worm to one of your best-selling drinks (in it or wrapped around it), offer a basic Halloween cocktail using ingredients you probably already have behind your bar (we have some suggestions if you want to click on this link)

Think you’ve left it too late? No way! It’s really quick and easy to customise your menus, just click here if you can’t remember.

If you still need help, ask one of our support team who can take you through the process and get you ready for action! [insert link]

Sharing is caring (even on Halloween)

Customers and guests love to share – photos of food, drinks, venues, themselves… so why not give them something they can’t resist sharing?

Get free advertising for your venue by encouraging customers to take photos of your Halloween-decorated bar, your fancy dress donned bar and floor teams, your customised menu and food & beverages offers.

Generating Halloween-inspired social media coverage can make potential customers consider visiting your venue for Christmas, New Year, birthdays or just for a quick pint or a warm cup of coffee…

Even with a few days to go, you can still make an impact!


Make sure you put details on your home / ‘About Us’ screen on ROUND and on social media to let customers know what you’re up to. 

The ROUND ‘about us’ page is the first place customers see when they are either ordering in your venue, or looking for somewhere to go locally.  


And finally… if you’re still reading, not dashing off to your local suppliers… tell us what events you’re supporting, and we’ll shout about it as well!

Tag us in your venue pictures and we’ll reshare wherever possible.



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