It’s Black Friday season!

Friday 26th November 2021 – One of the most anticipated retail sales days (or even weekends!) of the year.  But it’s not just retail that can benefit…  you can too.

Last year, shops were in lockdown, and so internet shopping took over.  This year, the high street is back with a vengeance with many offers and exclusives only available in-store.

Even Apple – notorious for NOT discounting their range – are getting involved, and experts are anticipating ‘money off’ not just bundle incentives or gift cards.

So… make your venue the HAVEN that shoppers (and their trusty bag carriers) need, and offer your own take on Black Friday promotions, only on ROUND – that way, they won’t even have to haul their bags to the bar.


Offer money off key items during ‘shopping hours’ or ‘Appy hours’ to encourage consumers to take a break with you.  You can set up promotions quickly and easily on ROUND, and set them to be used only once per user, or for a specific time period.

Offering ‘app exclusive’ promotions encourages customers to order from their table, freeing up your staff to offer excellent customer service elsewhere, to deliver an even higher volume of sales.  Make sure you’ve activated tips for your staff so they can make more money from Black Friday too!


Why not add a Black Friday category to your menu to push daily specials or stock you’d like to run down?  It works wonders for the retailers to highlight what they have on offer, rather than let consumers stumble upon items, and that will work in exactly the same way for your customers!  Show them what you want them to focus on, and watch the increase in sales.

ROUND’s top 5 promo codes your venue should try:

  1. % discount, with a capped monetary limit

– e.g. 50% off (up to £20) similar to the structure of Eat Out to Help Out.

– Great discount for customers, and control of how much margin you keep for you.


  1. Exclusive product promotion 

– e.g. If Carlsberg did Black Friday…  £4 a pint! Enter code ‘BLACKFRIDAYVICTIM’

– This is useful if you want to push a particular product to your customers. Make sure you put offers first on your app drinks menu and advertise outside with A-frames or chalkboards, to influence customer buying decisions.


  1. Promo codes for exclusive customers

– Here, only certain customers can access the promo code, such as your mailing list for a newsletter, or perhaps a friends and family offer.

All you have to do is put their email address in the ‘restrict to email(s)’  box when you set the promo code up.


  1. Appy Hours! 

–  e.g. offering money off during quieter times to drive footfall, or engage with a new audience such as coffee morning parents, or after-work

You can schedule a permanent ‘happy hour’ instead of offering a one off promotional day, by following the same principles.  Fizz Fridays are particularly popular on ROUND!  Select a time period for which the code is valid and usable and  then tap ‘Save’


  1. Promo codes that can be used multiple times

– e.g. ‘Get 10% off your first 5 orders on ROUND!’ or ‘It’s Black Friday!  First 100 drinks are half price – Hurry!

Sharing this on your socials, or chalkboards, can either reward behaviour you want customers to take, or works on the ‘Scarcity principle’.  Promotions that are in short / scarce supply, become more attractive and generate demand.

For any help generating promotional codes or offering multi-buys, we’d be happy to talk you through what’s best for you!   Get in touch

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