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My Favourite Video Game from Lockdown


My Favourite Video Game from Lockdown

It’s December 10th, 1993, four years (almost to the day) before I was born. You and your friends have spent your adolescent years riding bikes around the neighbourhood and listening to Blink-182. Video game existed, but they were locked away arcades, and every time you and your nerdy friends wanted to play you’d have to shell out pocket money. You’re playing Super Mario, Tetris, Sonic the Hedgehog – great games, sure, but you’re getting a little sick of collecting coins and staring at 2D blocks. On the 10th of December, you get a copy of DOOM. And everything changed.

DOOM helped to establish the first-person shooter genre, bringing gameplay and mechanics to the fore that most couldn’t have even imagined. But sometime between then and now, mainstream FPS games became stuck in a rut. Year after year we’re force-fed the bland military shooters of Call of Duty and Battlefield. Don’t get me wrong, I like these games, but DOOM Eternal is a savage breath of fresh air amongst the lifeless realism of the aforementioned franchises. I knew that DOOM Eternal would be intense, but man, I wasn’t ready. Here’s all you need to know about the story: hell has invaded earth, and you are tasked with mowing through them to save the planet. And I mean mowing through them. You play as the silent Doom Slayer as you rip, tear, punch and shoot your way through wave after wave of demonic enemies, each type of which touting their own behaviour, abilities, and design.

For your campaign against the armies of hell you are armed with near-comically devastating weaponry: amongst the wide array of unique weapons are the Gatling-style Chain gun; the Belcher flamethrower; and the Super Shotgun, a giant double-barrelled boom stick equipped with a grappling hook. Chunks of flesh fly off of the unrelenting demons as you pound them with bullets, lasers and rockets, all the while deftly leaping around the levels with fast-paced feats of acrobatics. When you hit a demon with enough damage, it enters a ‘staggered’ state, allowing to perform a ‘glory kill’, a short animation in which you brutally tear the enemy limb from limb. To say that glory kills are satisfying would be a criminal understatement – the Doom Slayer has unique ways of savaging every type of enemy in the game, whether that’s giving the Revenant demon a swift haymaker followed up by a flying knee or reaching inside the Gargoyle demon to tear its spine directly out of its body.

DOOM Eternal is a hell of a collectathon too – I usually ignore collectibles in games, but the items you can find in DOOM Eternal are entertaining and enjoyable to find. Whether it’s the floppy discs that let you replay levels with cheat codes applied, or the plastic versions of demons in the form of action figures, I loved scouring every corner of the game’s stunningly artistic level to get that illustrious 100% completion.

I’m all for video game with rich stories and well-thought-out character development, but damn, I couldn’t have expected how good it would feel to play something that is so unapologetically video-gamey. DOOM Eternal knows what it is, and it delivers on every level of its explosive, gore-filled, high-octane campaign. To anyone who enjoys blasting virtual enemies without consequence, pick up DOOM Eterna. I promise this adrenaline-fuelled masterpiece with to have your heart racing at every turn. 

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