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The Floor is lava: Is it any good?


The Floor is lava: Is it any good?

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Lockdown has driven us all to watching some questionable television. Whilst ‘Outerbanks’ was undoubtedly cringe, inaccurate and somewhat trashy, I watched the entire first season anyway. John B, you have my heart. However, over the past few days, I discovered Netflix’s very own adventure tv show called The Floor Is Lava. A quick google showed overwhelmingly positive reviews and so I gave it a go. 

The Floor Is Lava premiered on Netflix this June and has since become one of the ‘hottest’ shows on Netflix (I’m sorry but I couldn’t help myself). Hosted by Routledge Wood, the show is literally what it says on the tin: a gameshow where the floor is lava and any competitor who falls off the assault course and into the lava is out of the game. The competitors are in teams of three and must attempt to complete the course altogether and as quickly as possible to win. For each team member that passes the course, a point is earn’t. 

New Netflix show 'Floor Is Lava' is your childhood dream come true ...

Whilst the show is incredibly low stakes and really rather pointless, I couldn’t help but watch. It seems producers really want the competitors to have some sort of story, such as a group of teachers or nurses. As a result, they really go ham with the cringe cheesy jokes. I will say the episodes got better, although it really is no match for shows like Takeshi’s Castle and Total Wipeout. The course, more often than not, doesn’t look that hard at all and sometimes it very much looks like contestants ‘fall off’ too easily. Moreover, the course changes only slightly in each show, using the same room and shape. Either way, it provided some light entertainment but why this weird hype that exists is beyond me. The Guardian have written their own article on the show and their findings are almost conclusive with mine- the show is good for some background noise and minimal brain engagement. 

I will say that the obstacle courses look pretty boujee. The design team really go all out with creating these weird plinths, boulders and whatever else they can come up with. Creating a theme for each room is somewhat fun though. What will we have next? Space filled with lava (yes they actually did that). All I can say is that I suffered through this show to test the hype and I really don’t recommend unless you’re hungover and feeling sorry for yourself or want some background noise. 

The FLOOR IS LAVA in Netflix's New Game Show - Nerdist

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