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Recent Netflix Originals You Should Most Definitely Watch


Recent Netflix Originals You Should Most Definitely Watch

Whilst we are quite happily nearing the end of lockdown, with shops reopening and social distancing reduced to one metre, we still need decent tv shows to binge regardless. Even though lockdown is being eased, I still intend to get the full worth of my Netflix subscription like you. Moreover, it has come to my attention in recent months that I’ve been watching more and more Netflix originals without realising. It’s quite possibly why I enjoy Netflix so much, although the BBC have been upping their game recently and providing some competition (such as Normal People and I May Destroy You). Below is a shortlist of some recent Netflix originals that I think have flown unfairly under the radar. There were so many I could have put on the list but I have whittled it down to the most recent, newest additions to Netflix, knowing you may not have heard of them.

1. Snowpiercer

First up is my favourite new Netflix original. During the first episode, I wasn’t sure if I’d like it because it was so different from anything I’d watched of late. However, I’ve come to find myself desperately waiting for the next episode each week and completely ignoring my phone for the full episode. If that isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is.

Snowpiercer tells the story of a dystopian world, overcome by a natural disaster and inhabitable for the human race. To survive the cold outside, a team of engineers designed the Snowpiercer, 101 cars long and entirely self-sufficient. Within Snowpiercer, there are different classes, from first right down to the ‘tail’ which is filled with fugitives who hijacked the train when it embarked on its journey. I don’t want to divulge anymore but I will say there’s murder, social unrest and some very likeable and loathable characters.

2. Locke and Key

Again, like Snowpiercer, Locke and Key is an unusual story although quite satisfyingly you don’t have to wait each week for a new episode. The show is based around an old family home that has been uninhabited for quite some time. A mother and her three children return to the home after a bereavement, only to find something unusual about the place. The children begin discovering hidden keys all over the house that give the possessor different abilities. However, it appears that these keys have a greater significance to the family’s past and present danger wherever they turn. It’s got some spooky bits and is generally pretty entertaining. If you’re like me, you can definitely watch whilst scrolling social media too.

3. White Lines

This one I think more people have heard of, although not many have actually decided to watch. Set in Ibiza, it tells the story of an unsolved murder and a group of friends from Manchester. The protagonist, Zoe, goes to Ibiza in search of the truth about her brother Ansel and ends up reacquainting with his old friends. Undoubtedly, Zoe gets more than she bargained for and discovers much about her brother that unsettles her. White Lines definitely gave me major holiday blues and features a lot of party nightlife culture. Side note, the episodes are a good length too. In fact, the creator of White Lines was behind Money Heist, another recent show that became incredibly popular incredibly quickly. White Lines is more than just murder and friendship, it involves tricky familial relationships, loyalty and searching for identity and purpose. Laura Haddock really does sell this one for me; her portrayal of Zoe is brilliant.

4. I Am Not Okay With This

This one is a little older than the others, although it is just as good in terms of newer additions to Netflix. It gives me very End Of The Fcking World vibes and manages to capture that high school middle teenage years mood without being cringe, cheesy or unbearable which most shows normally are. Moreover, the protagonist Sydney is incredibly witty and likeable. Currently, I Am Not Okay With This only has one season and the episodes are quite short but that shouldn’t put you off. In a nutshell, Sydney comes to realise that she has powers, a little Mathilda-esque, and finds it hard to control them. Her anger usually triggers an outburst, sometimes doing as little bending a sign or knocking over an entire library. Ultimately, she ends up doing some irreversible damage (trying not to spoil probably the best bit) and confirms her fears that yes she is pretty abnormal as teenagers go. For me, the ‘80s vibes really sold it. I am a sucker for some good cinematography (a testament to the fact I love Stranger Things and this show comes from the same producers).

Please, if you end up investing time in one of these shows and end up hating it, don’t blame me…

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