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Outer Banks: Worth the watch?

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Outer Banks: Worth the watch?

With the mesmerising back drop of the North Carolina banks, Outer Banks consists of social hierarchies and risk-taking sacrifices, often for money or treasure, but sometimes for the sake of love. The action-packed drama is full to the brim with adrenaline pumping near-misses which leave you on the edge of your seat, or bed…

Key Characters

Firstly, we have the fearless trouble-makers, ‘The Pogues’, which know the outer banks like a black cab driver knows the streets of London.  Sharply segregated by class, the group comprises of four youngsters. John B is the handsome protagonist of whom the series seems to revolve around, he narrates and fuels the drama that unravels as the series progresses. Known for his profound intellect, Pope is the ambitious know-it-all but somehow projects himself in a humble light- sometimes his decisions aren’t so smart though. J.J, son of an alcoholic abusive father, lacked a supportive upbringing which seems to reflect in his audacious attitude that always leaves him in danger-threatening situations. Last but not least, we have the wild card Kiara who is the exception of the group from a middle-class affluent family; she isn’t one to flaunt her wealth but she isn’t afraid to flaunt her perfect figure which is shown off in a bikini 90% of the series. Her integrity justifies her group membership as she is the peacemaker and the others adore her free-spirit and value her for worth, not money.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Kook’s are the rivalry kids of the upper class which creates a social divide across the island. The main characters associated with this domain are Sarah who is the supposedly popular, pretty girl in town, dating rich boy Topper who clearly thinks highly of himself. Her brother, Rafe, is among the same crowd and is in the same friendship group as Topper which adds an element of intensity to the series. The father of the Cameron family is named Ward who kicks up a storm, literally, when he discovers John B’s quest for gold and a building fear of a suppressed secret surfacing that could cause him to lose everything. The shady step-wife, Rose, acts overly protective and makes minimal appearances. Sarah also has a younger sister called Wheezie who is surprisingly mature given her age which comes with a high degree of curiosity; Sarah exploits her intelligence and close relationship when she needs a hand. As for other main characters, there are two renowned cops that circulate the island and seem to have a connection with John B based on his distant family members as well as the down-in-the-mouth drug dealer Barry, trapped in an endless cycle of money chasing.

Brief summary of the plot

In short, the disappearance of John B’s dad triggers the motivation to discover evidence of a vanished ship in relation to this with clues revealed along the way, drawing them to the Royal merchant with potential life-transforming bounties.  especially for the struggling working-class members of the Pogues. There is a high chance that whatever comes to mind when you hear treasure hunt will be an accurate representation of the narrative as it consists of a fairly predictable series of events entailing a quest for gold but with frequent plot twists and surprises to keep you gripped.  Caution: SPOILER ALERT. The man of the house, and neighbourhood for that matter, Ward Cameron turns out to be a bit of a psycho once John B steps into their dangerous territory. This/ His aggression all started when John B initially used Sarah as a tool of access to a map which leads him closer to the gold but ends up falling madly in love with her. The reciprocated feeling results in a whirlwind of events from chasing to escaping in order to stay together doing everything in their control as she lets go of her past and is keen to live a new, simplistic life with John B.

When I was glued to the series and flew through the ten episodes, something that came to mind in relation to the Pogues was the mystery gang from Scooby-Doo as they are forever attempting to solve a mystery and find themselves in sticky situations (literally and metaphorically); not to mention the uncanny resemblance to the Mystery Machine with the hippie-like campervan they rely on to get ROUND the island and evade the cops. Their endless thrilling experiences together bolster the unity and solidarity within the group which heightens their differences from other perceived ‘superior’ members of society. This bolsters their identity as a bunch of teens that are blissfully unaware of the dangers of the world which often leads them to jeopardy. Unconventional of a modern-day drama, the series gives off an 80’s vibe with a lack of mobiles and computers; this highlights the authenticity of the youngster’s captivating adventures as they are forced to use their brains when problems come their way.

From dodgy drug deals to gripping digs for gold, watching Outerbanks will have you grasped throughout as you warm to the heroes and despise the antagonists. As a warning, it is a bit of a slow burner so takes a few episodes for the drama to fully kick in but don’t let that put you off. It’s briskly paced and builds the characters and events with an engaging tone. The cinematography is also top class as if it is golden hour every hour and there’s some good-looking characters if you’re looking for some eye candy.

Go check it out on Netflix and let us know what you think!

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