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Pub Safety

Pub Safety

Pub Safety

For the first time since March, pubs, bars, and restaurants are welcoming customers back with open arms. Well, not literally, of course… Now you might be thinking to yourself: how can I make the most out of going out for a drink whilst staying as safe as possible? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here are our tips for making sure you’re being as safe as possible while still enjoying yourself. 

First and foremost, here’s a list of guidelines that have been issued to establishments in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland: 

  • Customers and staff alive should wash their hands before and after handling plates, glasses, or cutlery  
  • Music should be played at a lower volume than usual to avoid customers shouting (as raising your voice increases the risk of transmission)  
  • Some pubs will require advance booking so that they can maintain safe capacity 
  • Customers must remain seated – standing is not allowed 
  • Access to toilets should be controlled to minimise chances of transmission 

Don’t be surprised if your local’s layout has changed – the current distance guideline is now “1m plus” in England and 1m in Northern Ireland. In the case of 2 metre distancing, pubs will have a drastically reduced number of tables with a maximum capacity of 24 people. In the case of 1 metre distancing, capacity may be increased to up to 36, but protective screens may be imposed to keep tables apart. In both scenarios, operating capacity may be kept lower than the guidelines, with space being taken up by walkways for staff members providing table service. However, the best policy for staying safe is to just use your judgement. If a pub looks over-crowded, then maybe give somewhere else a try.  

Some trade bodies have also published guidance on how to operate ‘contact tracing’. With this in mind, some establishments might request that one person per group provide their name and phone number, noting their arrival time and how long they stay. This is to allow the pub to contact a customer in case someone who has recently been there tests positive for COVID-19; anyone who subsequently visited the establishment after said infected person may be contacted, in which case they must self-isolate for 14 days. The given details will only be kept on record for 21 days. 

To help minimise the spread of the virus, many pubs and bars are using apps to allow customers to place their orders for table service. We wholeheartedly suggest that you try using our app, Round. We’ve been building the perfect bespoke remote-ordering service for the very purpose of placing your order from your table, making it easier than ever to enjoy a drink with your mates whilst preserving social distancing. Our list of registered establishments is growing by the day, so make sure to join our 50,000+ active users before your next pint to stay as safe as possible. 

That’s all from us – happy drinking, and remember to stay safe at all times! 

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