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What was it like to go shopping for the first time since Lockdown?


What was it like to go shopping for the first time since Lockdown?

Now that ‘non-essential’ retail stores have been given the green light to re-open since months of closure, things aren’t quite as normal as they used to be. If you’ve been wise with your money during lockdown and have refrained from online shopping, noticing a pleasantly higher sum when viewing your bank balance, that might just be about to change. After months of saving, many of us will step into Topshop and splash it all on last minute summer steals.

Here’s what post lockdown shopping is like…

Boo to the queues

If you think it’s bad having to queue up for your weekly shop that feels endless with the 2m guidelines, then you won’t be happy to know there are often queues for clothes stores as well. Although the queues seem to be worse on a rainy day, with so many people hooked scrolling through online versions of stores in the comfort of their own homes, maybe fewer people will flock to the shops. I’m not saying you should expect a queue like the ones you see for the big rides at Thorpe park but it’s good to be mindful. If you’re prepared to queue and still feel keen to browse your local shops then by all means go ahead (just expect a new normal).

No trying on clothes

One of the most considerable changes that have been made in the shops is the closure of fitting rooms. This does make complete sense in order to minimise chances of the virus spreading but it does seem to change the shopping experience altogether. Trying clothes on is such a crucial element when purchasing clothes to ensure a perfect fit although most shops have extended the return policy to make up for it.

How can you be confident you want to buy that pair of mom jeans neatly modelled in the window when you can’t guarantee they’ll fit you? To be totally honest, I think it did me a favour as I was too scared to commit to buying a spenny top without seeing what it looks like on, so I ended up spending considerably less. It’s also nice to not even have the option to have to queue up for cramped, stuffy fitting rooms which, more often than not, just wastes time and makes you unnecessarily sweaty and stressed. It can sometimes even put a downer on your day as it is a subtle reminder that you’re no longer able to squeeze into size 8 after the lockdown months of letting yourself go.

One-way systems

Another aspect of the new form of shopping is one-way systems both in and around shops. This makes it all feel a bit more formal with extra security guards watching you eagle-eyed. On the bright side, I found it quite pleasant knowing I won’t find myself in the awkward situation in which you happen to bump into a stranger. It kind of sucks though when you want to turn back to a previous shop knowing you have to follow the arrow steps right back round that floor. It gets your steps in for the day though, so at least it encourages you to work harder for your purchases.

Even after months in lockdown, a lot of us still haven’t quite adjusted to the recommended accessory of 2020: the mask. If you’re still not quite used to it, prepare yourself to see even more masks if you’re planning on returning to your favourite stores. Most workers advocate the mask and some chains even have designer ones, such as Zara (and you think they couldn’t promote their brand anymore. You were wrong).

All in all, I was still able to browse the local shopping centre, but it just took a bit longer to adapt to. I hope that’s given you a decent insight into post lockdown shopping. Let us know how you found it!

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