A table ordering app is an excellent way to show your customers that you’re in it for the long haul and want to stay in touch with them. Set your restaurant apart with technology that improves the guest experience, makes your job easier and increases the profitability of your business!

Nowadays, Customers are looking for features such as table ordering, QR code menus, automation, and a self-ordering system that will make dining safe and reliable. The table ordering system from the ROUND app is cost-effective and customizable. Customers look for an easy-to-use interface, interactive menu, and a hospitality guide when going out to eat after months of the dine-in ban.

Check Out The Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs A Food Ordering App

Full Control To Manage Your Menu. offers, Pricing, And Orders

At ROUND App, we believe that the more control you have on your business, the better the system works. We have created a super-easy interface for you so that you can manage everything by yourself. 

  • You can add/edit/delete any item on the menu.
  • Update delivery costs and opening times by yourself.
  • Full support from the round app team.

Give guests control

A typical restaurant scenario where after the guests are seated they wait for a long time for servers to show up with the menus. With the help of the table ordering app, guests have direct control over their order. Once guests have finished their meals, they can pay and leave – there is no need to wait for the server to close the bill. 

Promote safety and limit in-person contact

Your restaurant will promote safety and make the dining experience secure and easier for both customers and employees with the ROUND ordering app. Following Covid-imposed restrictions, the ROUND app has enabled our customers to view our menu and place orders from their smartphones, making them feel safer.

Maximise Table Turnover

One of the best ways to increase revenue and customer satisfaction is to interact with more customers. You can save time taking orders and reduce customer’s wait times by allowing them to order online at the table ordering app.

Order Accuracy

When your customers choose by themselves, you avoid mistakes. With the best food ordering app, your daily operations will run smoothly and customers can get what they are expecting. By using the ROUND App table ordering app, no orders will be missed during peak times. 

Staff Efficiency

The ROUND ordering app can handle higher order volumes. Waiters can now spend their time more efficiently. The food ordering app has drastically reduced the waiting time for orders. ROUND App delivers happy customers and a happy team.

Collect better data

Ordering Apps may give your business a wealth of information about what your customers are ordering when they are ordering it, how they want to pay for it, and more. Using your table ordering system, easily expand your customer database and create new marketing approaches based on this invaluable data. 

Generate revenue

When it comes to choosing their favorite restaurant, customers will prioritise safety and automation. The trend of ordering at the table isn’t going away anytime soon. Moreover, it will increase the productivity of your team. Also, improve overall service and customer satisfaction. In other words, it’s another step toward increasing revenue while improving customer satisfaction.


People will undoubtedly rediscover their love for dining out, but the hospitality industry will lose out on customers unless automation technology and self-ordering systems are implemented. COVID-19 has hastened the transition to an automated era. By assisting you in innovating your service, menu, and dining experience, the ROUND table ordering app will put your company on the right track.


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