Whether it’s a restaurant, hospital, or educational institution, every business is building an internet presence. Customers demand a smooth and digital presence with unique features that your competitors don’t have, from payments to experience. Customer happiness is the number one priority in cafes, restaurants and bars for table service system. ROUND App’s integration with QR Codes have become a technological benefit as a result of social distancing rules. 

QR Codes have not only been widely utilised to assist in the management of the healthcare system, but they have also enabled governments to build up country-wide cashless payment systems and helped companies connect with customers in a secure manner. As a result, the restaurant business may benefit from these Table service Set Up characteristics as well.

Why Restaurants Should Use QR Codes?

A QR code functions similarly to a barcode at the store, except it is scanned with your smartphone. When your smartphone scans the code, the information is converted into a link that takes you to a website, PDF or app. For hospitality venues, this technology opens them a world of possibilities.

1. Contactless orders and payment options

You may provide online ordering and payment using Round App QR codes in addition to digital menus on a table service app. We believe that your consumers will soon demand the ability to order rather than merely see menu selections online. This makes ordering and paying for food and drink much easier and safer for your guests by allowing them to use their smartphone instead of a payment terminal or cash.

2. Easy To Use

The fact that everyone with a smartphone can read QR Codes is a significant factor in their growing popularity. In Table Service System, this can be done automatically using the camera on later models, and QR Codes may always be read with third-party software. QR Codes are the ideal companion for digital platforms that focus on mobile, especially applications because they come with mobile-optimized content.

3. Digital Menus

Coronavirus can live on surfaces for up to two days, according to research. You may utilise QR-codes to lead your customers to a digital menu and eliminate the risk of spreading a virus through your physical menus. This may be done in a variety of elegant ways, so it’s not just for quick food businesses but also for fine dining establishments.

4. Update The Content Anytime

It’s quite tough to keep paper menus up to date. Changes to the digital one, on the other hand, can be done quickly. ROUND lets you quickly update your menu on our app in just a matter of minutes.

5. Added Revenue

Restaurants may use QR codes for table service set up to advertise associated brand products to generate additional revenue. You utilise it, in the same manner, you would for online food ordering, but with increased upselling capability. Finding new revenue streams is critical for many restaurants since revenue has fallen significantly as a result of social distancing laws and lockdowns.

6. Customise QR Codes For Customer Attention

Customers may find a black and white QR code tedious. However, the unique and colourful codes attract more consumer attention, making them a focus of interest for visitors.

Adopting order and pay apps is the future.

It’s time to reconnect your consumers to your restaurants by offering a contactless eating experience in table service set up. Technology has advanced to the point that it can handle even the most extreme conditions, such as COVID-19. QR codes and other digital technologies are used. 

It not only provides the benefits stated above, but it also provides the client with customer pleasure and a personalised experience. As a consequence, selecting a dependable QR Code Scanning app that provides correct scanning results becomes critical. Round App can help you create a visually beautiful app listing linked via QR codes to better engage your guests.


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