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How has tech helped the hospitality industry reopen successfully?

how has tech helped the hospitality industry reopen

How has tech helped the hospitality industry reopen successfully?

The hospitality industry, like much of the country, had to shut down in March 2020 with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. The nation’s cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants were closed for just over three months and in that time the way we visit hospitality venues changed dramatically. 

With venues looking to re-open on the 4th July they had to navigate a plethora of new “COVID Secure” regulations to ensure customers safety. The largest change was the transition to table service across the whole sector. This is where tech solutions such as order at table market leader ROUND aimed to support venues in their reopening journey.

However, the introduction of mobile ordering applications into venues has not only allowed them to keep their customers and staff safe. Mobile ordering applications gave venues the opportunity to expand their business and make it more productive through technology. 

The latest GO Technology report of 5,000 GB adults has shown that 40% of 25-34 year olds prefer to use their smartphone to order food and drink rather than wait for table service. This opportunity for venues to increase their revenue by encouraging younger customers to order on their phone has empowered venues to increase their revenue and cater for a new younger market. 

Tech has also equipped businesses to better serve their customers. With an order, pay app such as ROUND easily and simply taking and managing orders it has opened up staff to be able to better serve, support and assist customers. This coupled with the additional safety features for customers and staff leads to increased dwell time and customer satisfaction.

ROUND allows businesses to have a 360° vision of customer spending and insight, allowing them to run promotions and schemes. This sales data also allows businesses to see a demographic breakdown of spending, allowing ROUND venues to stock products that better reflect the tastes and preferences of their customers. 

Over the coming months the hospitality industry will undoubtedly suffer challenges but with the support of innovative tech companies the industry will be able to flourish and thrive in the new normal. For more details about ROUND and to get started click here

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