Where you decide to display your ROUND point of sale (POS) has a large impact on how effective it is in alerting your customers to how they order in your venue. Here, we will be rounding up the best ways to increase the visibility of your point of sale allowing you to increase your ATV.

When a customer visits your venue, the first thing they will see is if you have any banners outside it. Installing ROUND’s large ten-foot banners near the entrance to your venue or in the beer garden allows more customers to see that you are accepting orders on ROUND making the ordering journey for new consumers even easier.

Tabletop POS is critical to your success.  Our tabletop POS is scanned over 20 times more than any other form of marketing material. Your Freshers Pack includes table talkers and stickers which are perfectly designed to help customers understand the ordering journey and to encourage repeat customers. Our table stickers also let your customers know what table they are at to make it easier for them to order and pay for their friends to send them drinks!

Posters can be strategically placed throughout your venue to increase their visibility and impact. Targeting high dwell areas such as near the bar and where there may often be queues means that more people will be able to see them when in your venue. We also find that posters in bathrooms such as on toilet doors, above urinals and hand driers, increases visibility and encourages your customers to order on the app.

Putting point of sale across your venue helps to increase your ATV and therefore your revenue. ROUND is always here to support you with complimentary POS to suit every type of venue. If you need any more POS please email help@round.app and we will get a pack sent out to you!

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