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Twitter: the best social media platform, full stop

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Twitter: the best social media platform, full stop

For so long, I have tried to convince my pals that Twitter is the best social media platform. They were all sceptical until they gave it a go. There is definitely nothing quite like Twitter and until you’re persuaded to give it a try, you’re missing out. I’ve compiled together all the best bits of Twitter, in a hope to convert you (this isn’t a pyramid scheme, don’t worry). 

1. News 

Firstly, Twitter is definitely the best social media platform for staying up to date with current affairs. Any rumour, story or event that I don’t quite believe gets searched on Twitter and nearly every time I find an answer, seeing everybody tweet about it too. This has been particularly useful when Snapchat goes down. Moreover, more seriously, Twitter engages more people with politics too. Bojo himself has been keeping us all up to date on this pandemic situ through daily tweets. Instagram just doesn’t quite cut the mustard the same with its news updates.

2. Comedy and entertainment (not trashy memes)

I love Twitter because of the content it produces and circulates. Random tweets, relatable tweets, there’s been so much gold. Twitter has really filled a vacant spot in my social media demands; I am sick of those terrible Instagram pages that post memes that just aren’t funny. Moreover, I don’t have to request to follow the page just to see the one specific post.

3. Self-Expression

Another reason I truly adore Twitter is the fact I can tweet virtually anything I want to without being a major annoyance to my followers. Half the time, my tweets are probably lost in the timeline and my followers don’t see them but I’m quite okay with that. I just wanted somewhere to write entirely random thoughts, such as my propensity to dream about giant 2ft long slugs and pyromaniac kittens.

4. Socialising (obviously)

Last but not least, I like Twitter because it’s easy to use for socialising. Most other apps go down at least three or four times a year but not our old friend Twitter. Moreover, it usually means I have entirely different conversations with my friends too. There’s nothing quite like a thread about coriander that all my friends have chipped into. 

Whilst I have tried to be concise, I hope this list has shown that Twitter fills almost every gap. I can’t explain why Twitter is just so Twitter, but it really is. There is no other social media like it. I guess you’ll have to download it to find out for yourself?

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