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Unmasking the Truth


Unmasking the Truth

Wearing a mask down the street or to your local supermarket seems to be the norm nowadays. The appearance of the mask is all a bit sinister to me, like an old sci-fi film that has become the new reality. There’s a good reason behind it, though, and sometimes it’s good to appreciate the light-hearted take on masks, with hilarious DIY attempts that have gone viral, to online shopping sites promoting them with all the patterns and colours you can imagine.

DIY botch jobs:

Alternative approaches to home-made masks seem to be the new trend that we’ve all had a laugh from whilst lost in the scrolling trap of our Insta or TikTok. Here are some of the best:

The saucepan lid mask:

Yes, you read that right: people are whipping out glass lids partnered with an adjustable hoodie that is then tightened to hold it in place. There’s even a video online that’s exceeded a million views, involving a guy in America entering a supermarket whilst embracing the look and going about it very casually; it’s worth a watch.

The alcohol access mask: 

Who really wants to be taking their mask on and off when you want a cheeky swig of your favourite bev? Whether that be a sip of a cocktail or a shot of vodka, this mask is the best of both worlds. It protects you from the virus (supposedly), and gives you the easy option to eat and drink to your heart’s content, with a plastic flap which looks to me like the lid of a baby wipe pack – maybe not so appealing after all…

The milk carton mask:

For those of you obsessed with Star Wars, or are happy to stick to the basic look, this is one to test your DIY skills if you’re bored in the house. This is an innovative twist on a mask which leaves you walking around looking like a Storm Trooper; what more can you want? If you’re looking for a creative challenge, find the tutorial online and give it a go!

Online shopping sites jumping on the trend:

PrettyLittleThing and various other online fashion sites have taken advantage of this recent addition to the everyday look by advocating it as an accessory to their latest range. From tie-die to camo to snakeskin, they’re not holding back with the bold prints and colours. They’re even playing on current words like quarantine with ‘Quaranqueen’ as a substituted slogan across the front. 

Some may perceive this negatively and just judge it as a fashion statement that makes a joke of a serious situation, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and if various clothing sites are only doing this to set a trend and promote their brand, then this judgement is perfectly understandable. And hey, it can’t be a profit-driven mockery if most of the money is directly donated to the NHS. Moreover, if it encourages more people to wear masks, taking away the clinical look with patterns and colours can only be a positive step in the right direction.

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