Undoubtedly, the United Kingdom draws attention to its great cultural diversity and the cosmopolitan life it offers. The nightlife is legendary, especially in university cities such as Manchester, London, and Brighton, where there are hundreds of bars and restaurants that offer typical dishes with avant-garde drinks while full of live music. There will never be a shortage of a good place to enjoy a night of drinks.

What drinks are most popular in the UK?


The mojito is simple, quick, and easy to prepare. Mint gives it zing while lime juice brings out the flavor of rum; some may opt to add soda water into this cocktail but you only need a splash if you want to tone down its strength.

Piña colada

If you want to be transported to a Caribbean island from your back garden, try the piña colada – consisting of pineapple juice, white rum, coconut cream, and ice. If you don’t have the cream use coconut milk as a substitute while tinned works are just fine if it’s sweetened more than fresh because pineapples are usually sweeter in syrup form rather than raw fruit.

Espresso martini

Coffee and alcohol were unlikely, yet dreamy. They combined beautifully in an espresso martini—although instant coffee could be substituted if you didn’t have a coffee machine. Sugar mixed with ice, fresh-brewed or instant (if so desired), vodka, and liqueur made the classic drink even more sumptuous when it was replaced by chocolate cream liqueur to add deep notes of cocoa.


To create the perfect negroni, all you need is balance (and the right booze). One part gin, one part sweet vermouth, and one part Campari all combine in equal parts to create the perfect fragrant cocktail. For a slight twist, why not try our Cocoa Gin? We’ve infused our distilled gin with cocoa for a malty, toasted edge, and orange and grapefruit for a welcome zing.


A classic daiquiri recipe has not changed much today. Some recipes call for lime juice instead of lemon, but the drink goes through countless transformations as bartenders often blend shaved ice into it to create a more smoothie-like consistency and add different flavors such as strawberry or passionfruit.


The Mango Bellini is a perfect summer’s day drink. For a twist on this traditional cocktail, combine mango pureé with our Classic Prosecco to create a vibrant zingy tropical bellini!

Moscow mule

A sprig of mint, Vodka, crushed ice, and ginger beer make the perfect Moscow mule. If you want extra authenticity to serve in a copper mug: besides looking Instagram-worthy, the mug has an interesting story behind it which you can impress your guests with.

So, which is the best cocktail?

Ultimately, that decision lies in your hands alone. Although making cocktails can be fancy and tricky, we think some of the best are simple ones.







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