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What the Brighton Black Lives Matter protest was like


What the Brighton Black Lives Matter protest was like

The fight for racial justice is one that has been going on too long. Recently I attended the Black Lives Matter protest in Brighton. During this pandemic, some find it hard to come together; however, sometimes when it is as important as this, it is worth the risk.

I arrived at Brighton Marina around 1:15. Everyone came together and was wearing a mask to prevent spreading COVID-19. Everyone stood there in silence out of respect for the lives lost and exploited due to racial discrimination/injustice. Every now and then someone would yell “Say his name!” In which everyone else would come together and say “George Floyd.” After we say his name we would clap and then it would go back to immediate silence.

Once we finished the silent part of the protest, we started our march in Brighton. It was a hot sunny day, and I’ve never seen Brighton streets fuller. The turnout was great, and it was amazing to see the amount of people willing to come together and fight this issue. While we marched many chants were thrown around such as: “Boris Johnson’s a racist” and “Black Lives Matter.” After we have done some chants, we would stop walking to just stand still in silence. Once we’ve had our moment of silence we would yell “George Floyd,” clap, and then continue en route.

Towards the end, we had drums playing as we marched. The whole experience of the BLM protest was both emotional and extremely moving. The protest has had a big impact on me. There was an overwhelming feeling of anger built up inside me towards the people that think discriminatory behavior based on race is accepted or seen as ok in today’s society. I would do this protest again a million times until we finally get change.

During the whole protest, everyone kept their posters lifted up. This was not a fun social event, it was not an opportunity to meet others, it was a unified disagreement with the racism that exists in our world. This made the protest even more powerful. If there are things you can do to help progress Black Lives Matter, then do them! Fighting this problem can only work if we all help and work together.

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