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An overview of whats happening in Israel and Palestine

An overview of the problems occurring between Israel and Palestine


An overview of the problems occurring between Israel and Palestine

The problems between Israel and Palestine is one that has been going on since the Second World War. What we call Israel today, used to be under the British Empire which mainly consisted of Arabs. However, to avoid the Nazis in the Second World War, many jews came to Israel and made their home there. 

Israel was created in 1948 as the Jews now wanted their own land to live in. The United Nations came up with a plan to have a two state country in which Palestine would be divided between the Arabs and the Jews; however, the Arabs didn’t want this as they saw the land as their right only. The joined forces with Egypt and other middle east countries to fight against the Jews. Once the British left in 1948 the Jews wanted to establish there as the state of Israel. However, this caused even more violence as the Arabs started causing war again once the British left. 

In 1949, Israel had an Armistice with bordering middle east countries. This left the Arabs with the West Bank and the Gaza strip. However, during this time the West Bank and Gaza Strip were territories of Egypt and Jordan, not the state of Palestine. 

In 1967, there was the six day war between Israel and Egypt/Jordan for control of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Israel won, leaving the Arabs scattered around Israel. The war started in 1947, and never actually ended. The Israelis came to ceasefire with Egypt, Jordan, and Syria on 11th June of 1967. 

As the war continued, it was established in 1988 by the Chairman of the State of Palestine, that Palestine would take control of 2 major areas in the West Bank, and the Gaza strip. These two areas were Palestinian territory under Israeli occupation. In 1993, the Oslo Accords would be signed in which Israeli troops would leave these areas and make the independent Palestinian territories. However, this agreement still did not define Palestine as its own independent state. 

In 2005, the Israelis withdrew from the Gaza Strip, thus giving all control to Palestine. Since 2012, the State of Palestine has been recognized by 138 United Nations members. Although the present two state theory leaves Palestine with most of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, the West Bank still has Israeli military occupation. 

This was a general overview to help you understand the problems occurring in Israel. However, the war continues everyday. The Palestinians fight everyday to gain control of what they believe is their land, and the Israeli’s fight for the same reason. The majority of the Gaza Strip has been destroyed by acts of war leaving mainly small towns and villages. Although the perfect solution would be to become one state, nor Israel or Palestine is willing to give up their name. This is why this war is still going on today.

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