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Why 24 Is one of the best shows created


Why 24 Is one of the best shows created

There are a magnitude of good shows out there; however, I only consider a few of them to be outstanding. 24 is one of them. This show is filled with drama and action. It is a concept that is beyond creative and has you hooked within the first episode. Now I must say, it started in 2001 so the quality and shooting may sometimes be questionable. But, the show is so good that eventually you stop caring about that. 

The show follows agent Jack Bauer who works for the Counter Terroism Unit in Los Angeles. The show is 24 episodes in which each episode represents an hour of the day. Essentially, each season is one day (24 hours). For example, if episode 1 is 9:00am to 10:00am then episode 2 is 10:00am to 11:00am. In the first season, agent Bauer has to help stop an assasination planned to happen on Senator David Palmer who is running for President. As the episodes go on, more problems start rising. 

What I appreciate most about this show is that even though 24 episodes is a lot, there are many different storylines and plots to follow. Although Jack Bauer is the main character, the show incorporates many different storylines from other characters. Another thing I love about this show is that they don’t drag the problem on, instead they solve problems as they come on. Of course there is always one big conflict that doesn’t necessarily get solved till the end. From this show you get invested in every character and need to know what happens next. 

The concept of this show is amazing because not only is it action packed, but also incorporates certain real world prejudices against who a terrorist should be. Each season is about a different conflict; however, the seasons are spread over time so some characters may be in one season but not the other. 24 not only has me hooked to my telly but also makes me feel emotional. There are many cry worthy scenes in this show.  These writers knew exactly how to hit the spot. 

I hope for your sake that you have been convinced to start this show because it is definitely a must watch! One of the most brilliant creations in television if you ask me. If you started it and like it let us know and I can give more recommendations!

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