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will the hospitality sector make a glorified retunr?

Hospitality: Will it make a Glorified return?


Hospitality: Will it make a Glorified return?

The effects that the lockdown period have had are becoming increasingly evident across most industries including the hospitality sector, not to mention the detrimental impact on our mental health. With local businesses lacking the vital support they need along with an uncertain time ahead, will they make a rejuvenating comeback following this period of economic descent?

Constant battle for businesses

Several businesses within the hospitality industry are struggling to make a comeback after months of little to no income and support. Sadly, as a result, businesses without a backbone have had no option but to wipe their workers and take several of their stores off the high-street. In fact, a staggering 84% of all businesses are closing their doors making it the worst hit sector during the pandemic. 

In terms of staff in hospitality, 69% have been furloughed as part of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS), leaving many in a hopeless position. Major chains that have felt a considerable impact include food and drink chains Pret a Manger, Bella Italia, Frankie & Benny’s and Café Rouge. A total of 1,909 Pret workers are now left unemployed following lockdown.

Last week, bosses announced that the above franchises will not reopen 91 of their 250 restaurants, with Pret committing to the permanent closure of at least 30 of their city stores. The lack of demand for large work forces in these sectors in line with COVID-19 provisions contributes to the mass employees that are now out of work.

The outcome of the pandemic has also had a ripple effect on vulnerable charities that are connected to mainstream branches, such as the Pret Foundation. This is the key Foundation that connects with Pret as a fundamental aid to push the fight against poverty and help the homeless. Thankfully, efforts are being made to support this charity with online raffles organised in the coming months of 2020.

Through adversity comes opportunity 

Although this has been a time of hardship for many, for some businesses it has been a blessing in disguise. Times like this provide a period to stop, reflect and rethink, so many companies have used it to their advantage and are flourishing as a result.

After months in lockdown and online delivery alternatives as a temporary lifeline, several businesses have developed new systems with safe provisions in place so that the public are comfortable to return to cafés, pubs and restaraunts. From one way systems, to smaller workforces and mobile ordering; this is the new normal we have to get used to.

Digital ordering through an app has been a revelation across the hospitality industry in recent years but now it is dominating the way we eat or drink out. The ROUND app is a great investment if you are a business looking for this technological system to boost public appeal and therefore sales. It’s an efficient, easy way of ordering from your table which is ideal in the current climate to minimise contact and adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Let’s hope that companies in hospitality that have managed to survive, continue to thrive and those that have unfortunately made a u-turn will financially recover and provide plenty of support for the workers who are at loss of their jobs and vital income.

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